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Welcome to Coaching 95030! We are a team of experienced career and life coaches who deeply care about real life relocation issues. YOU - the spouse who holds it all together during and after relocation and gets very little professional support.

Have You recently Relocated

To a new country, or across the continent?
Is this your first time relocating or are you a long term expat?
Do you wonder what happened to your career?
Do you want to take control of this new chapter in your life?

Relocation Facts

The majority of spouses stop working due to relocation.
Often planned as a temporary situation it becomes permanent.
Relocation often fails - early returns or part of the family returns home - due to the spouse’s inability to adjust.

Common Career Obstacles

No work permit, no local professional network.
Language and local certification barriers.
Not knowing how long you will be in one location.

It Can Be Different

This is a global economy - people move around the world for their career.
And so can you - you are already here, now you can jump back in the game.
Map your experience and skills to what is needed in your new home country.
Make a CAREER PLAN & execute it.
Whether this means job search or back to school, start a business or volunteer as part of your larger career plan.

Talk to an experienced career and life coach

We offer free consultations, a variety of workshops and one on one coaching packages.

Is it time to become the Lead Singer?

"Before talking to Trixi there was so much noise in my head. After a few coaching sessions I know what I want and I know I can do it."


100% satisfaction guaranteed

You will get value out of every session. If you are ready to take the 1st step we can have a talk and check out what's possible.

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