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Reinvent Yourself by Choosing a Great Career

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The Top 10
to finding an Ideal Career

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You are looking for a new career. You have the urge to get out of your home office, instead of keeping busy with volunteer work and taking on one more family project. You want to use your brain and make real money. IT'S YOUR TURN - to claim a career that excites you, uses your talents and passion, yet lets you be the mom and center of the family you have so lovingly nurtured.

Where do you start? How to find answers to all the things racing through your mind? I invite you to read about the Top Ten Things that will help you to get started. This is the real deal - as a coach and a mother myself, I know where you come from, I know what holds you back and I know what you will be able to achieve if you allow yourself to take that 1st step.

Write to us at moc.03059gnihcaoc@ofni to receive the full report: The Top 10 Things every woman should know about how to get started in a new career.

Is it time to become the Lead Singer?

"Before talking to Trixi there was so much noise in my head. After a few coaching sessions I know what I want and I know I can do it."


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You will get value out of every session. If you are ready to take the 1st step we can have a talk and check out what's possible.

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